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Willows to the Rescue?

Treasure Coast Natives

This week John and George sacrificed the usual Friday field work in order to work on our upcoming on-line native plants class to be in play as school starts.  Related to that, I’ve been fretting my second Florida outdoor interest—or let’s say nervous preoccupation—groundwater contamination.  The native plants connection is that millions of landscapers and homeowners who could use native plants with minimal chemical demands, instead spew mind-boggling (perhaps literally) herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides all over the ground, to percolate into the ground-water, which we later call tapwater.  (No, they do not get everything out.)

Salix caroliniana in flower by John Bradford. Salix caroliniana in flower by John Bradford.

The situation is substantial and worsening, and in my humble opinion is under-publicized.  Somebody ought to start a blog (or a consumer revolution).  It is a joy to see an occasional piece in the PB Post and other Florida papers on this topic.  Yet hardly anybody cares, and…

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Call to action! Clean water begins here. We need you world please spread the word

I will be there!!!

cyndi lenz

Why we need everyone around the world to support us.
This event:
You can join us in person or you can live stream. The world needs to support us and clean water. This has got to stop.
No more discharges. This is the intentional pollution of the worlds most diverse estuary. It not only hurts our river, eatery, lagoon. Its hurts us.  Its hurts you . Last summer we had green toxic algae which produces a neurotoxin everywhere.
Please help us to prevent this from happening again. 4 million dollars worth of oysters destroyed. death of water life. death of sea grasses.

Here is the timeline of events as written by Marty Baum our Indian Riverkeeper

August 3, 2014
Citizens for Clean Water Rally at Phipps Park, Stuart Florida

Last year, at Structure S-80 on the C-44 Canal known as the
”locks” the citizens of Martin and St. Lucie…

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